Moylan Sponsors Legislation to Preserve Child Care Assistance Program

“The governor wants to balance the budget on the backs of hard-working parents,” Moylan said. “We should create opportunities for self-advancement, and the changes that have been made to this vital program disrupt that path.”

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) allows low-income families to work while their children receive affordable and quality child care. In addition to meeting income qualifications and making monthly copayments, participating parents must also be working or attending school.

Earlier this summer, Gov. Bruce Rauner dramatically slashed eligibility criteria for the CCAP. Before the rule change, families that earned up to 185 percent of the poverty line would qualify for the program. This would be $29,101 for a single parent and child. Under the governor’s new rules, a single parent cannot earn more than $7,968 in a year to qualify for the program. This rule change prevents 90 percent of the applicants who were previously eligible from receiving any kind of assistance. Moylan-backed Senate Bill 570 would reverse these drastic changes.

“This program was created so parents who are working to make ends meet would be able to pursue meaningful careers and lift themselves out of poverty,” Moylan said. “By setting the income limits this low, the governor is forcing parents to choose between going to work and their child’s well-being, which will only cost the state more in the long-run.”

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