Moylan Introduces Legislation Ensuring Local Municipalities Receive Money Owed by State

Local municipalities would receive their portion of state revenue under legislation filed today by state Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines.

“The money collected from these funds is meant to be distributed to local municipalities, not used as a political pawn,” said Moylan. “The governor’s refusal to let these funds go to their intended recipient is hurting our local communities and weakening the region’s economy.”

Moylan’s proposal, House Bill 4305, would require the state to release money owed to local municipalities that is collected through gaming operations, the motor fuel tax and other surcharges. Des Plaines specifically is the recipient of revenue generated by Rivers Casino, totaling almost $9 million last fiscal year. Currently, the city is not receiving their portion of the revenue. The bill also allows winners of the state lottery to collect their full prizes. Currently, winners are only allowed to collect $25,000 regardless of their prize value.

The governor claims that he cannot release the funds due to the budget impasse, but Moylan feels this is a common-sense resolution to ensure local communities receive the funds they are owed without increasing the budget deficit.

“These funds should go directly to the communities or people they are intended for, and not fall victim to the political games the governor is playing,” said Moylan. “We worked together to authorize the pass through of federal dollars, and this is the next practical step to ensuring people receive the services they need. I’m ready to work together to pass this bill and I ask my colleagues to join me in my efforts.”

For more information, please contact Moylan’s full-time constituent service office at 847-635-6821 or