Moylan-Sponsored Legislation Distributing Funds to Local Governments Passes Committee

“Local governments are struggling with how to put together a budget without these funds,” Moylan said. “This is forcing local governments to consider hard choices like cutting back on police and fire services, road maintenance and other infrastructure projects.”

Moylan is sponsoring House Bill 4305 to distribute dedicated special funds to their intended recipients. These funds include the motor fuel tax, gaming operations and other surcharges. Revenue the state collects from these funds does not enter the general revenue fund and is independent from the broader state budget.

Des Plaines specifically is the recipient of revenue generated by Rivers Casino, totaling almost $9 million last fiscal year. The city last received their portion of the revenue in July.

The bill also allows winners of the state lottery to collect their full prizes. Currently, winners are only allowed to collect $600 regardless of their prize value.

The governor claims that he cannot release the funds due to the budget impasse, but Moylan feels this is a common-sense resolution to ensure local communities receive the funds they are owed without increasing the budget deficit.

“All of this revenue is being held in special accounts that are designed to be temporary holding places between collection of the money and disbursement by the state,” said Moylan. “The governor is holding these funds hostage to try and bring non-budget related items into this debate. I hope my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will join my efforts.”

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