Moylan Recognizes National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

“During National Impaired Driving Prevention Month we all recommit to preventing tragedies on our roads that involve drugs or alcohol,” Moylan said. “I remain committed to enacting legislation that will work to prevent impaired driving on our roads and increase penalties for individuals who partake in such behavior despite the risks.”

As part of his effort to crack down on driving under the influence of alcohol, Moylan co-sponsored House Bill 3533, which became law earlier this year. This new law increases the required time that an individual who is convicted of a second DUI must use a breath alcohol interlock device. These individuals must now use the device for a minimum of five years. Additionally, these drivers cannot reapply for a full driver’s license until driving on a restricted driving permit for a minimum of five years without suspension, cancellation or revocation for violating any law related to the required use of the breath alcohol interlock device.

Drunk drivers kill more than 10,000 people annually, and about one-third of traffic deaths in the United States involve a driver with a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit. Driving under the influence of drugs carries the same risks as drunk driving.

“While passing laws to prevent driving under the influence and punishing people who endanger lives is important, no law can bring back the life of a loved one,” Moylan said. “I encourage everyone to act responsibly and talk with their families about the dangers of driving under the influence so we can work together to stop this completely preventable problem.”

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