Moylan Joins Bi-Partisan Effort to Oppose Advertising Tax on Businesses

“Small businesses are one of the main engines of the U.S. economy, and they are especially important in the job market,” Moylan said. “To help get started, many small businesses need to spend heavily on advertising to get their name and brand out in the public. We must be encouraging our small businesses to grow jobs, not placing a burden on them by creating an unprecedented tax on advertising.”

To show his commitment, Moylan is co-sponsoring House Resolution 889, which formally opposes the creation of an advertising tax. No state currently taxes advertising, and when Florida imposed a tax on advertising they saw such huge losses that the tax was repealed 6 months after implementation.

In addition to this proposal, Moylan supported legislation, which subsequently became law, which requires Illinois state facilities to dedicate part of their gift shops to products made in Illinois. He also supported a resolution encouraging the federal government to fully fund the Export-Import Bank, which helps small businesses compete in the global market and increase their exports.

“There is a strong link between small business success and the overall economic well-being of middle-class families,” said Moylan. “We need to create legislation that eases the burden on small businesses and helps restore the overall economic climate of our state.”

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