Moylan Launches Petition Drive Opposing Tax on Retirement Income

“All seniors deserve a secure and stable retirement,” Moylan said. “Seniors have been burdened enough by no increases in Social Security payments, the rising price of pharmaceuticals, and a lack of employment options. They simply can’t afford to send any more money to the government and the state shouldn’t ask them to.”

The petition asks residents to sign and stand with Moylan in opposing a tax on retirement income. Moylan plans to show his colleagues in Springfield that there are a large number of residents who oppose this idea, and he hopes that this will encourage them to vote against any measure that includes the tax.

Moylan is also sponsoring House Resolution 890 to make clear that the Illinois tax code should not be changed in order to tax retirement income. Under current law, retirement income is exempt from any form of income tax, but the idea has been proposed by some in Illinois as a possible solution to the budget impasse.

In addition to this proposal, Moylan has stood up for seniors by voting multiple times to freeze property taxes. Moylan also stood up to the governor’s proposed $140 million cut to the Illinois Community Care Program, which provides in-home care to the elderly as an alternative to nursing homes, by voting for a spending plan that would restore the funding and allow more seniors to remain in their homes.

“A grassroots movement helps deliver a strong message to the career politicians in Springfield who support this proposal,” Moylan said. “I encourage people of all ages to sign the petition and circulate it among family and friends. People who have saved and planned their entire life for retirement shouldn’t be hit with an unfair and unexpected tax.”

Residents can visit to sign the petition online. Residents who are interested in circulating a petition among neighbors can contact Moylan’s constituent service office by calling 847-635-6821 or emailing