State Rep. Marty Moylan, issued the following statement after State of the State address

“As the budget impasse continues in Springfield, I urge Gov. Rauner to stop insisting on bringing non-budgetary items into this debate, and work cooperatively with the General Assembly in passing a responsible budget as soon as possible. The state of the state is in total disrepair and we need to work together to balance the state’s budget, just like the hardworking families of my district must do every day. I’m eager to work with the governor and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reduce the deficit and provide long-term economic stability for the state, but I will not balance the budget on the backs of middle-class families.

“While the governor proposes slashing funds for programs that help students afford college, allow seniors to stay in their homes, and help victims of sexual assault access care and support, I propose protecting that funding while cutting wasteful government programs. It is unacceptable that students have gone without their promised Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants, leading many to drop out of school because they can no longer afford college. It is equally unacceptable that seniors who rely on community care, the state program that helps seniors remain in their homes by providing in-home community-based services, face an uncertain future while the governor refuses to craft a budget that protects this program. As if hurting college students and seniors wasn’t enough, the governor even refuses to meet the legislature on proposals to fund programs that provide resources for victims of sexual assault.

“I understand that all of these programs cost money, and I will not support any tax that hurts the middle class and working families, but to free up resources I’ve sponsored legislation to end the pension system for legislators, remove lobbyists from the public pension system, and end state subsidized health insurance for life for elected officials. While these measures alone will not solve the budget deficit, it’s important that politicians in Springfield make sacrifices before asking the taxpayers to do the same.

“This year, I will use all tools at my disposal to stand up for taxpayers. While I have already voted 15 times to freeze property taxes, I will continue to vote for future bills that freeze property taxes, and I will encourage my colleagues to vote for these proposals. At the local level, I will host property tax appeal seminars and provide residents with information on how they can lower their tax burden. I will keep going door-to-door and bringing government directly to the doorstep of the community, and I am eager for all of the conversations that await me this year. I look forward to hosting veteran appreciation events, senior fraud prevention seminars, and many other events to help educate people and make our community a better place to live.”