Moylan Calls on Governor to Set Aside His Anti-Working Class Agenda, and Focus on the Budget

“The time is running out on our ability to meet the challenges our state budget faces. By working together, and choosing to find positions of common ground, we can craft a budget that protects middle-class families without burdening them with additional taxes. This common ground must include protecting programs that help middle-class families get ahead. This means agreeing on a budget that helps students afford college, allows seniors to stay in their homes, and provides victims of sexual assault with access to care and support. This also means cutting wasteful spending wherever it exists. Last year, I voted for a budget that included spending reductions, and I hope to work with the governor in identifying more areas in state government that can be cut.

“The governor needs to realize that the budget is not a vehicle for his political agenda. He continues to focus solely on driving down wages and the standard of living for middle class families. I encourage the governor to abandon those dangerous efforts, and focus on a budget that works for all Illinoisans.”

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