Moylan Legislation Protecting Mobile Home Park Tenants Passes Committee

“The residents I represent in mobile home communities deserve protection from opportunistic landlords,” Moylan said. “This bill will provide much needed oversight to the financial practices of park owners and help tenants stay in their homes.”

House Bill 6285 provides that a fine imposed by park management is separate from the tenant’s rent, and a park owner must accept the rent payment even if the tenant has outstanding fines. This would end the practice of park owners mandating that fines be paid before rent, which hurts the ability of tenants to pay rent and increases the likelihood of evictions.

Two years ago, Moylan passed another bill which is now law that requires park owners to disclose with every lease or sale the name, address, and telephone number of the community or park owner and any manager or other agent. The park owners must also provide notice to tenants of any bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings, department of public health violations, the tenant’s rights to trial by jury, security deposits, and lease termination provisions. That bill was deemed the “Mobile Home Tenant Bill of Rights.”

“Despite ‘mobile’ being in the name, we must remember that these communities are not temporary places for people to live. These communities consist of real families who deserve the same level of protection afforded to everyone else,” said Moylan. “This bill will help these families stay in their community and prevent profit seeking owners from taking advantage of residents.”