Moylan Disappointed By Opposition to Grant Funding for College Students

“During my time in the Legislature, one area that I always thought both sides of the aisle agreed on was the importance of providing college students with financial need. This program helps students - both young and old and of all economic backgrounds - attend college. I was deeply disappointed that some of my colleagues chose to turn their backs on middle-class families by voting against a measure that would have given grants to low-income college students.

“Graduating college remains one of the most effective ways for young people and adults to climb the economic ladder and maximize their potential. The students receiving these grants who I have spoken with have held up their end of the deal. They have earned good grades, stayed on top of their school work, and are eager to continue their studies. Today, some legislators let these students down by pulling the rug out from underneath them.

“The best investment we can make in our future is putting a college education within reach of every Illinoisan who is willing to work hard and pay their fair share. The cost of college continues to rise and we must look for ways to expand opportunity instead of looking for ways to reduce it. This vote today put a college degree out of reach for thousands of hard-working students, and I am deeply disappointed that some chose not to fund this successful program.”