Moylan Legislation Ending Taxpayer-Funded Pensions for Lobbyists Passes Senate

“We need to create a government that puts the needs of Illinois’ families ahead of the interests of career insiders,” Moylan said. “While there is much more work to do, House Bill 4259 is a common sense way to bring some ethics and accountability to our public pension system.”

Moylan’s legislation would prohibit non-governmental organizations, like lobbying firms, from participating in the public pension systems. Moylan has previously voted for legislation that would end the ability of lobbyists to collect public pensions. That bill was part of the larger pension reform bill which became law in late 2013. The Illinois Supreme Court recently declared that law unconstitutional based on other provisions.

The bill was partly inspired by a June 30, 2015 Daily Herald article which detailed how the privately employed president and chief executive officer of the Illinois Association of Park Districts will receive a six figure public pension upon retirement. Before taking office, Moylan himself refused to accept a taxpayer-funded pension and supports eliminating free health care for life for retired politicians.

After Tuesday’s vote, the only measure needed for House Bill 4259 to become law is the governor’s signature.

“The public pension system was not intended for lobbyists and other non-governmental employees,” Moylan said. “The system has been abused for far too long, and it’s about time the Legislature takes action to solve this problem.”