Moylan Calls on Governor Again to Sign Human Services Emergency Funding Bill into Law

With the governor refusing to act on an emergency funding bill which would provide social service agencies with critical funding, state Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, is calling again for the governor to immediately sign the bill into law, ensuring the state’s most vulnerable residents receive some of the funding they deserve.

“I am disappointed and frustrated in the governor’s refusal to sign this bi-partisan bill that would provide much-needed funding for the frail elderly and developmentally disabled,” said Moylan. “The governor is holding this funding hostage until he gets his special interest agenda that only benefits large corporations and the ultra-wealthy. The governor needs to understand the budget is not a vehicle for his political agenda and start to working cooperatively with both sides of the aisle to get the job done.”

Moylan voted in support of Senate Bill 2038 in an effort to provide human service providers with emergency funds in response to the state budget crisis. Agencies have been prevented from receiving money and providing services to the frail elderly, abused and neglected children and the developmentally disabled. As organizations continue to run out of emergency funds and close their doors, this bill was a compromise from both parties to allow for some funding to be distributed. Under the proposal, programs for seniors, rape victims and the developmentally disabled would receive partial funding for the current fiscal year as negotiations continue on a more permanent spending solution. In total, approximately $700 million would be issued through the plan. The bill does not appropriate general revenue fund dollars. The bill passed both chambers of the General Assembly with bi-partisan support, and many Republican members of the House praised the bill as a “positive step forward.”

“This bill is proof that Republicans and Democrats can work together to solve the problems facing Illinois, and the only obstacle standing in our way is the governor,” said Moylan. “It’s time for the governor to stop playing games and sign this bi-partisan bill.”