Moylan Votes for Stopgap Budget, Calls for Continued Compromise

Since the beginning of the budget impasse one year ago, I have continuously worked to support spending plans that would put children first, protect middle class families and ensure that life-saving essential services are funded. While today’s vote does not solve all of the problems caused by the impasse, it does move us forward in a responsible manner that will help residents across our community.

“Not only does this bill ensure that schools will open in the fall, it will also bring in needed dollars to our local school systems. This is something that I have repeatedly called for, and I am glad that negotiations were able to make the governor realize that this should be a priority. Our investment in our children’s education is critical to the future of our state, and by reaffirming our commitment to education from kindergarten through college, we can help to create economic opportunity for every individual in this district.

“It was also encouraging to see essential services finally receive the attention that they have long deserved from the other side of the aisle. Funding for breast cancer screenings, disability care, rape crisis counseling and senior care is representative of our priorities as a state and how we value the well-being of our residents. Not only do these programs save lives, but they create jobs and are a worthy long-term investment.

“We have now seen the negative consequences of using social service providers and students as political bargaining chips. It will take time to reverse the damage caused by this unnecessary budget stalemate, and we still have a lot of work ahead of us, but today was an encouraging first step.”