Moylan Bill Guaranteeing Contraceptive Coverage Takes Effect

Moylan’s law prohibits insurance companies from passing costs associated with contraceptive drugs, devices and other products to the insured.

“Personal decisions made between a woman and her doctor shouldn’t be subject to a second opinion from her insurance company or from politicians,” Moylan said. “While politicians in Washington – including the incoming presidential administration – disrespect women and disregard their health, it’s more important than ever that our state laws reflect our values: That women deserve access to essential medical care and they deserve respect.”

Moylan sponsored House Bill 5576 which requires insurance companies to cover all forms of contraception that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The measure was signed into law last July and took effect on Jan. 1. Going beyond what is required under federal law, Moylan’s law will make it easier for women to have open conversations with their doctors about what type of treatment is right for them regardless of cost. The new law applies to women covered under insurance plans regulated by the state, and plans that cover state employees, retirees and their dependents.

“I don’t believe a politician should stand between a woman and her doctor,” Moylan said. “By reducing the cost of contraceptives, women and their doctors can now make the right health care decisions without worrying about the costs of the prescriptions.”

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